TREOS Merchant Stores- How to Preserve your Store by Exporting

TREOS Merchant Stores- How to Preserve your Store by Exporting

We are busily preparing for our next stages, and consequently, all the Stores in our Beta Marketplace must now be temporarily removed. However, don’t worry if you currently have a store set up that you love! As long as your store meets standards, and contains real products that you are offering, by saving it you will now be ready to easily import it back into the TREOS Marketplace in the near future. The following is how you can export your store, and save it, with a few easy steps:

1) Log In to your back office

2) Click Catalog

3) Click Export

4) Click Start Export

5) Wait for Export to complete

6) Click on the created file to download it to your own computer

7) Celebrate your awesome computer skills


Here’s a video tutorial that goes through the above steps as well.


Or if you are using a mobile device to manage your store there are a few additional steps.

1) Click on the link to the file you just created in Steps 1-5 above to open the file on your device

2a) Save to Files directly on your mobile device (recommended) or

2b) Share the file and send it via email to yourself Saving the file on your device itself will make much easier when it comes time to Import your store.


All Vendors’ Stores must be exported by Friday, March 29 at 12pm GMT, as we get ready for the next phases. Thank you all for your support and we are looking forward to things to come!