TREOS Marketplace Rolls Out First Phase of Innovative Ecosystem

TREOS Marketplace Rolls Out First Phase of Innovative Ecosystem

The team behind TREOS – a cryptocurrency ecosystem in the making – is ecstatic to announce the commencement of its Merchant Buildout stage. This marks the first live phase of TREOS, which is the beginning of its ready-made marketplace platform being available for public use. Our Merchant Buildout phase will be one in which vendors have an opportunity to develop their stores and stock their shelves. TREOS is a global financial cryptocurrency ecosystem – which, in its foundational stage – is a groundbreaking marketplace where people can buy and sell with crypto using a stable token. With the beta testing phase now closed and complete, the team is excited to unveil this innovative opportunity to the masses.

Says TREOS CEO Daniel Spiteri, “Our Beta Testing phase was a massive success. The proof of this is in the overwhelming number of merchant and customer registrations we received and the sheer volume of revenue that travelled through our platform in such a short period of time.  We are excited about what’s next.”

This is an important incremental phase of our development, which will lay the groundwork for all of our additional stages. The opening of the Merchant Buildout phase will allow merchants, vendors, and large retailers first access to begin the buildout of their live stores while listing their entire inventory and customization of the storefronts. At the time of this publication, the entire cryptocurrency market is worth $142 Billion dollars. By opening these doors, TREOS grants untapped opportunity to merchants and vendors via access to the combination of the growing ecommerce and cryptocurrency markets.

But it’s not just about production; we care about the quality of this buildout, and the multiphase rollout allows time for our internal development team to fine-tune and make it the best iteration it can be, as well as providing necessary support to all of our registered merchants. In addition, it’s our priority to designate an allotted buildout phase to allow merchants to create attractive and thorough storefronts, and to list products that are of the highest possible standard.

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