Decentralization, Stability

The Importance of Stability

Stability isn’t a topic that is necessarily thought about often, or even considered much in our daily lives, but is an integral part of a person’s well-being. In today’s world, the ideal that one can count on a stable job to provide enough for the needs of their family is being put to the test. The stability of economic situations in countries around the world and the governments that run these economies directly affect the success and happiness of their citizens. So what happens when that stability is challenged? When the money you depend on from that stable job seems almost worthless because each year it has less and less buying power. You make the same amount of income, but your ability to maintain financial security for yourself and your family becomes increasingly restricted. Even worse, in several countries the financial infrastructure which is relied upon to preserve and care for its citizens, crumbles, and the currency does indeed become worthless.

What role do corporations, large third parties and various governing bodies play in these problems? Within many systems worldwide, the money in use has been put into society at somewhat arbitrary levels, with insiders able to control the rate of new currency being printed. These levels can be masked by the process of inflation and if incomes do not increase with the rate of inflation each year, you are effectively making less. This affects many throughout society, and is compounded by merchants and service providers passing the increasing cost of doing business back on to you; the consumer. So, how do you take back control of your own fiscal stability?

The idea of decentralisation may hold one of the keys. Decentralisation is not a new concept by any means, but is one that holds much weight with those in the blockchain and crypto communities. In fact, seeking answers to these very questions may have been what has led to the creation of these technologies in the first place. The idea that we all might prosper in a transparent, trustless infrastructure unrestricted by many of the problems that plague a more traditional system. However, decentralisation alone cannot tackle all the issues regarding stability cialis bez receptu. Even without the interference of third parties and reliance on a centralised system, volatility still poses a major problem to the mass adoption of decentralised money.

Then, where do we find the answer? The solution lies in the use of a stable token anchored to the price of gold, that is used within a decentralised currency framework.This union of decentralisation and stable token is the basis for the TREOS economy. The TREOS ecosystem includes a marketplace platform that is more than just a place to buy and sell goods using that stable token and other cryptocurrencies.The flexibility and stability of the TREOS marketplace online platform makes it the perfect hub for organisations to come together with their goods and services — especially when those organisations are driven or designed with decentralist ethos in mind. We envision a marketplace where many blockchain companies and organisations will converge to create a new online environment based on revolutionary goods, services and communities. TREOS looks forward to playing a part in this meeting of social evolution and technology, and we know that it needs to happen in a transparent ecosystem where we can all evolve together. This combination of stability and decentralisation may very well be the answer to many of the issues that we are facing currently within the global financial structure.