Special Announcement for all TREOS Platform Beta Testers.

BETA Feedback

BETA Test tokens will be deposited approximately once a day for people who have completed forms.

We want to hear from everyone who has registered to participate in our public merchant beta testing and from those who are registering now to participate. We are gathering important information and feedback about what you love about the platform, what problems you may have encountered and what suggestions you may have that can improve the overall user experience. Your input will help us see what is working, what needs improvement and what steps we can take to bring it all up to the next level. Our goal is to put out the best possible, most user-friendly marketplace and we are calling on you, our trusted community members, to assist us.

For those of you that submit a thoroughly completed feedback form, we are inviting you to join in the next phase of our beta testing where we will be crediting your wallets with BETA Test Tokens!. This is an important opportunity to strengthen our systems and allows you the chance to experience first hand what it will be like to be a TREOS shopper. And once again, your feedback in this area will enable us to keep improving the entire marketplace and will keep preparing us for launch. Thanks again for your participation in this process and helping us build a sustainable, practical and stable ecosystem that will thrive!

Let us know your thoughts. Fill out the feedback form now, using the link below.